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TRAILER HOUSE AXLES FOR SALE They were used to move house into ranch and aren't needed anymore. If you can use them to build a trailer or other projects you may need metal axles for give me a call. There are no tires or wheels on them. They are axle with hubs and wprings attached. Will sale all 4 axles for $200.00 OBO  Call 970-520-1043

We have a 6" diameter auger that is 32 feet long. It is on wheels can be raised and lowered for different heights of bins. It is powered by a Briggs and Stratton motor which hasn't been run for 30 Yrs. Needs tires. $600.00 OBO , Crook, Co. call 970-520-1043  

Ideal Brand Farrowing Crates  when they were bought they were the Cadillac of equipment. Some assembled others broken down into panels. should be 7-9 crates when assembled or you can take apert and make panel out of them. $300.00 Buys all.  Call 970-520-1043 $300.00 OBO

Old Combine bins for sale different sizes and shapes all are silver. One on Wheels another has 2 axles that fit it.  Call me at 970-520-1043 Crook, Co    $50.00-100.00

For Sale: Family collection of 1950s - 1960s vintage Pyrex Flameware Glass Coffee Percolators: Three complete 9 cup coffee potsOne complete 6 cup coffee pot One complete 4 cup coffee pot  All complete coffee pots consist of:  Glass carafe, glass lid, glass handle, glass stem, glass basket, aluminum top and bottom of basket.  One extra glass handle  One extra complete set of interior parts for a 4 cup pot:  This includes the glass stem, glass basket, and aluminum top and bottom to the basket. These coffee pots are said to make the best tasting cup of coffee you will ever drink.  Price:  $60.00 each complete coffee pot, with multiple purchase discount. Call:  970-520-1043