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Miley Cyrus isn't the only one receiving open letters this week. 

Ariana Grande, the Nickelodeon actress-turned-pop singer, has found herself in a full-blown Twitter war with her ex-boyfriend, who has taken to the site to claim that she cheated on him. 

Her ex is an up-and-coming Australian YouTube star named Jai Brooks, who is letting the world know his side of the story after Ariana recently announced her new relationship with Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. 

Ariana's ex addresses Nathan directly in his letter, writing that he didn't "respect [his] relationship."  The 18-year-old says he is heartbroken, unable to sleep and a "miserable wreck" because of Ariana's decision to leave him for Nathan.  

But Ariana didn't take his claims laying down.  She tweeted that she refuses to be "any man's press opportunity" and that she is "no longer afraid of [him] and [his] lies.  She ended her rant by saying that she is "finally happy" and that "words can't hurt [her] anymore."

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