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Lake McConaughy Fly-Over With Senator Ben Nelson

Senator Nelson asked some members of the local media to accompany him on a short flight around Lake McConaughy to view the effects of drought and decreased snow run-off. Many areas that look green and lush were, just a few years ago, under water. There are areas on the west side of the lake where boat ramps once were busy with activity. A small town, Lemoyne, was literally moved from its previous location so the reservoir could be filled. The trees and house foundations are now showing through the water and in some areas are completely visible. Some estimate the water will come back, some are not so optimistic. The water is primarily used for irrigation purposes, though some electricity is also produced with the water as Kingsley Dam is also a hydroelectric facility. Lake McConaughy is a beautiful lake regardless of how much water is or isn't in it. The beaches are a beautiful white, fine sand. The water is incredible in the summer, and the accompanying wildlife can be breath-taking. Every year, the Central Public Power and Irrigation District opens parts of the dam for bald eagle viewing. Stunning. Enjoy the pictures.

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