Dolly Parton Reveals True Feelings About Choosing To Remain Childfree

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In a recent interview with Saga magazine, Dolly Parton, often regarded as a motherly figure, openly discussed her decision to remain childless with partner Carl Dean.

The iconic "9 to 5" singer revealed that the absence of motherhood hasn't affected her as much as she initially thought. Dolly shared her perspective, stating, "I haven't missed it like I thought I might. When you're a young couple, you assume you'll have kids, but it wasn't a burning desire for me. I had my career, my music, and I was on the move. If I'd had kids, I'd have been tied down, worrying myself to death about them."

Expressing concern about the current state of the world, Dolly added, "With everything happening, bringing a child into this world now? I'd hate that! I always say God didn't let me have children so that all kids could be mine."

Contrary to earlier expectations, Dolly and her husband, Carl, didn't have children. Reflecting on their past assumptions, she recalled, "Early on, when we were dating and got married, we assumed we'd have kids. We even had names picked out, but it didn't happen."

Dolly's health also played a role, with a diagnosis of endometriosis at 35 and a subsequent partial hysterectomy at 36. Despite these challenges, her marriage with Carl has thrived for over 50 years.

During a radio show appearance, Dolly praised their enduring relationship, emphasizing their honesty and open communication. She credited their mutual respect, love and shared sense of humor for the success of their 57-year marriage.

In a lighter note, Dolly shared Carl's candid opinions, saying, "He's crazy, funny and clever. I have a great sense of humor, so I think it's our mutual respect and love that keeps us going. I just really like him!"

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