More Information About Cher’s Potential Conservatorship Over Son

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In a surprising development, Cher, the iconic 77-year-old music legend, has filed for legal control over her 47-year-old son, Elijah Blue Allman, expressing concerns about his alleged substance abuse and mental health struggles.

This legal request, lodged in the Los Angeles Superior Court, outlines Cher's intention to become Elijah's sole conservator, arguing that he currently lacks the capacity for self-care and financial management.

Cher disclosed that due to Elijah's mental and physical health challenges, discussions about temporary conservatorship options have been difficult. The filing highlights the imminent risk of any funds Elijah receives being spent on drugs, potentially endangering his life. Cher asserts the urgent necessity of a court-ordered conservatorship, noting that Elijah, son of the late musician Greg Allman, doesn't own any property but earns $120,000 annually from a trust fund set up by his father.

While both Chaz, her eldest son, and Elijah have previously alluded to a lack of conventional maternal warmth, Cher's decision to pursue conservatorship underscores her determined intervention in her son's life amid reported challenges.

Notably, Cher's move raises comparisons to the controversies surrounding Britney Spears's conservatorship, where her father held significant control over her life for nearly 14 years. Cher, however, has tried to distinguish herself from this narrative by avoiding accusations of self-interest and financial exploitation.

Elijah, known for his rebellious nature and complex relationship with Cher, remains legally married to his British wife, Marieangela (Angie) King. Cher's filing argues against King serving as Elijah's conservator, citing their turbulent relationship marked by instances of drug addiction and mental health crises.

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