Beatles Rooftop Concert Going IMAX

Beatles Rooftop Concert Coming to IMAX Theaters

Thanks to the success of Disney+ and Peter Jackson's "Get Back" documentary, the filmmakers will now be bringing parts of the film to IMAX Theatres. "The Rooftop Concert" which is taken straight from the film, will be shown in IMAX Theatres on January 30. Not only will the concert be shown, but there will also be a filmmaker Q&A broadcasted via satellite simultaneously. 

The date is not a random one -- the Beatle's rooftop concert happened on January 30, 1969. The band performed songs from their final album, "Let It Be." Police had to cut the concert short after a massive crowd gathered to watch it from the streets. 

Tickets are already on sale to watch the concert in IMAX. Following the January 30 release, "The Rooftop Concert" will get a global theatrical release from February 11 through the 13.

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